even adults need kälm

Although webe kälm is designed with the intention of enhancing parent-child connections, its benefits extend beyond the realm of children and adolescents. Recognizing the moments when you, as a parent, can benefit from a pause to regain focus is often the initial step in fostering meaningful connections with a child, spouse, or friends.

This principle extends to your overall well-being. Through proactive integration of webe kälm, you not only shift your nervous system to a calmer state but also cultivate a muscle memory for calmness. This, in turn, simplifies the process of returning to a serene state when faced with challenges, akin to effortlessly driving to a familiar destination.

what's included

storage on the go

Keep your webe kälm clean and protected by removing the indicator from the breathe tube, placing them in the storage bag, and securing the cords. This allows you to easily carry your webe kälm in a school bag, purse, glove box, or stored in the junk drawer.

"webe in this together" bracelets

Comes with 1 x Child and 1 x L/XL

The most pivotal moment for fostering a strong bond between kids and parents is when they work together. Each webe kälm set contains a child-sized and adult-sized bracelet. These bracelets serve as a constant reminder to find a more constructive approach during moments of frustration.

breathe tube

The ergonomically designed breathe tube enables restful lips to breathe effortlessly into the webe kälm. Insert the indicaot into the breathe tube to observe the visual effects of slow exhalation and listen to the soothing white noise. For a more discreet experience, the Indicator can be used optionally.


When the correct level of air pressure is blown into the breathing tube, the ball will rise in the indicator. It will remain airborne for as long as you exhale, allowing for visual concentration on the elevated ball.

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John S.

Mind blown 🤯

I just watched my 11 year old go from full melt down hyperventilating to coherent in 30 seconds. We talked it out and she was back to herself within a few minutes. I'm in utter disbelief. I love this thing on day 5.

Alexis P.

I have a new favorite tool

I've been trying to connect to my son for the last 3 years and it's been hard to connect as we both get really upset at each other. We both agreed to try this together and I can't believe how much we have connected in the last few weeks.

Joshua W.

It works!

I can't believe this hasn't been done before now. I tell my kids every day to calm down and breathe. I would get varying results. They now do it like pros and I'm able to help them through some of their hardships. I love it! Just wish there were a few more colors.