webe in this together - Bracelet

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support for everyone that needs kälm

Wearing this bracelet connects you to the webe kälm community. Offering a safe space to seek support and a commitment to encourage others to use their webe kälm during challenging moments, fostering unity and balance together.

Fostering a collective sense of calmness within our community is the ultimate objective. It's vital for adults to actively participate in assisting children, rather than simply substituting "calm down" with "go use your webe!"

webe in this together

even adults need kälm

webe kälm is most effective when an adult guides a child in using it. You can count and practice breathing with your child or use your own webe, but by breathing in slowly, then exhaling while counting for a child, you not only help them learn how to calm themselves, but you also find your own kälm.

This approach ensures that both you and the child will be in a balanced state for the upcoming conversation.

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