Committed to global impact, webe kälm's "one for one" initiative pledges a donated webe kälm for every purchase to children impacted by conflict. With an ambitious target of distributing 30,000 units in 2024 to support children affected by the Israel/Hamas Conflict, webe kälm stands as a beacon of hope in challenging times.

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one-for-one initiative

In conflict areas, children endure trauma that's hard for most to comprehend. Imagine a world where explosions and gunfire trigger fear multiple times daily. Parents, struggling to keep their families safe, find it challenging to provide emotional support amidst chaos. For children growing up in such environments, uncertainty and fear are constant companions. Amidst air raid sirens, learning to regulate emotions becomes a monumental task.

webe kälm was created to empower parents to teach their children self-regulation. Through methods like slow extended exhalation, visual focus, and white noise, it activates natural calming triggers. However, in war-torn regions, access to such tools is limited. With your support, we pledge to provide webe kälm to these children, offering a glimmer of hope in their challenging circumstances.

After seeing first hand what is happening in this conflict I believe the timing of webe kälm's launch is not a coincidence. I will do what I can to help as my heart breaks for these children. 💔

Rachel S.

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webe kälm is a groundbreaking tool meticulously crafted by Dr. Mathew Lederman and Dr. Alona Pulde. Designed to impart skills of calmness and composure, webe kälm empowers families to navigate challenges with grace and understanding.

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