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breathe in • breathe out • focus on the lofted ball • hear the white noise • be kälm

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Teaching kälm works better than yelling, "calm down!"

webe kälm is a transformative tool designed to teach children and adults how to kälm through slow exhalation, visual focus, and auditory regulation (white noise).

Throughout their lives, children and young adults have often been encouraged to "relax," "breathe," or "calm down." However, what they truly need is to learn HOW to achieve these states of relaxation and composure.

Consider it the most essential addition to your life skills toolkit. With webe kälm, parents can unlock the power of empathy, understanding, and unwavering support when collaborating with their children.

what's included

storage on the go

Keep your webe kälm clean and protected by removing the indicator from the breathe tube, placing them in the storage bag, and securing the cords. This allows you to easily carry your webe kälm in a school bag, purse, glove box, or stored in the junk drawer.

"webe in this together" bracelets

Comes with 1 x Child and 1 x L/XL

The most pivotal moment for fostering a strong bond between kids and parents is when they work together. Each webe kälm set contains a child-sized and adult-sized bracelet. These bracelets serve as a constant reminder to find a more constructive approach during moments of frustration.

breathe tube

The ergonomically designed breathe tube enables restful lips to breathe effortlessly into the webe kälm. Insert the indicaot into the breathe tube to observe the visual effects of slow exhalation and listen to the soothing white noise. For a more discreet experience, the Indicator can be used optionally.


When the correct level of air pressure is blown into the breathing tube, the ball will rise in the indicator. It will remain airborne for as long as you exhale, allowing for visual concentration on the elevated ball.

a tool to help adults and children of all ages connect

experience webe by age...

even adults need kälm

webe kälm is most effective when an adult guides a child in using it. You can count and practice breathing with your child or use your own webe, but by breathing in slowly, then exhaling while counting for a child, you not only help them learn how to calm themselves, but you also find your own kälm.

This approach ensures that both you and the child will be in a balanced state for the upcoming conversation.

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